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Lynne Blakesley
Residing In: Libertyville, IL USA
Spouse/Partner? Tell us how long: Jim/45 years
Occupation: taught school for 20 years, 3 in MI and 17 in IL
Children/Grandchildren? If so, birth year and location: Kristin, l969; Bridget, l972; Erik, l973...Kristin and Mike have a son Parker, age 4; Bridget and More…David have 3 sons, Alexander, age 11, Cole, age 9 and Max, age 4. Erik lives in Libertyville with Jim and I. I do alot of babysitting for the Grandsons...happily, willingly and lovingly. To date, "glammie/Grandma" has been my favorite role in life. We host alot of sleepovers, have alot of outings, include them on trips with Florida and Mackinac Island, MI being hands down favorites. I'm sure everyone who shares this role will have a few pictures to share at the reunion. I just had a thought!(capture it while I can)...A reunion video streaming on a big screen(like alot of people do at weddings and rehearsal dinners) would be most entertaining. Willing classmates could send pics from high school thru reunion time and we could all really get to know what our last 50 years were like. Sorry, this techy disabled person can't volunteer to help with this endeavor. People would need to put short blurbs with each picture.In August of 1962 etc.
Yes! Attending Reunion


What did you do right after high school?

aug 62' UW/Madison, roomed with Kathy Kroening, aWFB BFF since 3rd grade, both became Thetas, AnnEmery dorm, close to State St.,attending Both classes & beer suppers regularly,transferred to Drake U in '64 for school of education and plans since 4th grade at Richards School, to be a "4th grade teacher, just like Ms, Follmer" . Graduated '66 & married '66, first teaching job Flint, Mi, Carmen School Dist., 3yrs. Before arrival of Kristin'69, living in .grand Blanc, MI 'till '72, move to Libertyville, IL, 2 more babies, Bridget & Erik, resumed teaching career as sub in '81 &. Full time in '87. retired '05, after 20 yrs. teaching Alternate Behavior Disordered H.S. and Jr.High---Challenging, frustrating, entertaining AND very FULFILLING!!!!!

Voluntary Activities including Peace Corps.

Volunteered time for a variety of school and education related endeavors: 2nd HS Referendum, Pres. coop Nursery School Board, Sally Potter School for the Phy. impaired and local elem. schools

Have you had different careers?

The difference between regular education teaching career and the 20 years spent in Special Ed with the severely behaviorally impaired was like 2extremely opposite careers.

Fun or interesting "adventures" or one of the high points of your life.

Sailboat cruising around the Great Lakes with family and friends became chartering sailboats with friends and family around the islands: Grenadines, Windwards, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Tonga, BVIs, cruising many transatlantic crossings and years of competitive racing on the Great Lakes. I actually did 4Mac Races(Cgo to Mac Is.) as only woman on the boat, telling my husband, skipper Jim, that when he had put together a good strong crew of 10 or 12 guys, I would gladly give up my spot. truth be known, I loved every minute of racing, but health issues eventually interfered and I now drive to the after race parties, enjoying them less than if I had experienced them.

What do you do with your spare time? What are you passionate about?

Spend as much quality time as possible with my son Erik who is moderately challenged and his 2 sisters living in Cgo. And NW IN. along with quality time for my 4 Grandsons.

Have you lived one of your dreams?

Becoming a schoolteacher"just like Ms. Follmer" was a fond desire since 4th grade and a wish that came true for me. In all honesty I can sincerely say that"I loved every single day that I spent in the classroom!"...and helping each and every child feel worthy was a goal without equal.

What would most surprise us to know about you now and what you have done?

I have battled, am battling numerous health issues very successfully, with the support of a strong, loving family and fabulous doctors and most importantly, a personal positive attitude!

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