Scholarship Winner !


WFB HS Class ‘62 Scholarship Recipient for 2023
                 CHARLOTTE OBERG
Whitefish Bay High School’s “Class of ’62 Scholarship” awardee for 2023 is Charlotte Oberg, a young lady who is an eminent representative of the “pandemic generation” of students whose best years of their lives were, as she wrote, “turned upside down” by isolation from friends and fellow students. “The world shut down and (she) had no say in it at all.” Nevertheless, she surmounted challenges. While she admits she “did not always do the best job accepting the changes” the pandemic brought on, she realized it was important to be able “to accept change as a gift, to be able to look at things from a different perspective” and to adapt to whatever life offers, “whether we are ready for it or not.” Her goal is “to look to the future full of new possibilities and opportunities with optimism and excitement.”


It's no surprise that she prospered at WFB HS. The high school awards committee recognized her “work ethic that led to significant improvement over her HS career, kindness, authenticity, dependability, and diverse school involvement.” That involvement included volleyball, track, garden club, a 4-year Merit Award, youth ministry and mission trips with her church. She was a member of the school’s AVID Elective Program that focuses on building individual and collective academic and life skills that best position students for success in college, career, and life.”


Charlotte’s goals are to work with people, particularly to teach children and also to raise a family. She intends to nurture children to be “strong and kind individuals” using her experiences and knowledge from schooling to help “in any way she can.” She is using her scholarship at St. Norbert College, De Pere, Wisconsin in an education program with a possible minor in psychology.
The Class of '62 is delighted with the selection of Charlotte Oberg for our $2,000 scholarship and wish her the best for ongoing learning for the benefit of all.