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03/23/15 06:36 AM #32    


Barry Leon (Leon)

That may have been Schwartzman's.

03/23/15 04:27 PM #33    


David Stearns

As I recall there was a little grocery store (maybe it was a pharmacy too?) on one of those corners.  I looked at Google Maps street view and there are commercial buildings on three corners - one on Woodruff, one on Elkhart and another on Idlewild.  I remember the store had a diagonal door just like all of these have.  I sort of favor the one on Elkhart as being where we used to walk to at noon to buy potato chips or soda or whatever but after seeing all of these buildings, I am not sure anymore.  Dick Olsen might remember. 

03/23/15 05:14 PM #34    


Mary Dorner (Howard)

Dave,my brother Dave says the drug store was Schwartzman's and I remember the grocery store on the corner of Hollywood & Henry Clay that was first Piepers and then became Gunvilles.    The pharmisist who was at Schwartzmans then went on to open his own place on Santa Monica Blvd north of St Monica's. 

03/23/15 07:23 PM #35    


Grant (Dave) Paull

Mary, David, Barry and Jerry Thornbery, you have all confirmed that it was Schwartzman's drug store.

I recall walking there or riding my bike and having a cola and vanilla or cherry soda phosphate at the sit-down fountain. You also confirmed and agreed on the grocery store.

After 50+ years, I am amazed that anyone can recall these memories, when I have trouble remembering things one year ago. This is a good exercise.

One place that I did frequent in my neighborhood was "Winkie's 5&10" on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd and Hampton Ave. Across the street from "Winkies" was a "Mobil" gas station, that my Dad would gas up at all the time. Near by on Hampton Ave was the "Dairy Queen" where you could get your favorite "Dilly Bar". 

03/24/15 07:59 AM #36    


Allen (Sandy) Williams

The small grocery store was Piepers on the southeast corner of Hollywood and Henry Clay, 3 doors north of Bob Rice's house. 

03/24/15 08:44 AM #37    


Ken Rotter

I had a part time job at Schwartzmans pharmacy and drove a new 1960blue corvair delivery carrember those ? had a automatic on the dash with a tiny lever sticking out. You are right Paul things you remember and places that exist only in our memories mean a lot to us now. The ones that still exist are fun to go to  how about Whitefish Bay Inn Pandels and their famous  whitefish lunch still served there and still great.

03/24/15 10:03 AM #38    


Armin Sher

Wow, do I remember Winkie's on Hampton. The Mobil station became a Shell and is now an Amstar station. I still get gas there. As far as the whole lunch thing, in 4 years at The Bay I never once had the pleasure. I lived right behind Cumberland School.How about the Food Lane Store kitty corner from the gas station.

03/24/15 12:47 PM #39    


Grant (Dave) Paull

Believe it or not, the "Food Lane" was orginally in the building that "Winkie's" ended up in, and "Food Lane"  then constructed a brand new store on Hampton Ave, west of the (Schadle Cradle's) "Bay Village" apartments.

When my family moved to Whitefish Bay in 1950, we lived in the "Bay Colony" apartments on 179 East Fairmount Ave, and later purchased our home at 631 East Chateau Place. 

03/24/15 02:45 PM #40    

Bill Fink (Fink)

Some of you on this forum may remember me.  I transferred at Dominican's request to WFB my senior year.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Mary, I used to walk  to school with you many mornings.  I think that pharmacy North of St, Monica's that you are referring to was called Bear's Pharmacy.  It was on the far North Eastern corner of the 5900 block of Santa Monica Blvd.  David Stearns and I lived on that block as did Jerry Albert.  I worked for Saul Bear off and on delivering, stocking shelves, and working the register.  Dave Paul's Mom was nice enough to invite me for lunch many days as did Karl Fox's mom.  Wayne Schroeder dated one of my younger sisters for a while. I hope you are all doing well.  

03/24/15 06:23 PM #41    


Mary Dorner (Howard)

I have to say memories of Winkie's crosses generations.  When I brought my kids home to visit we would always go there.  Then a few years ago my son, 42 at the time, was in Prague at a meeting with 20 people and only 1 was an American.  She told Sean she was from a small town in Wisconsin.  They got to talking and she was from Fox Point and they started talking about the great store on the corner of Silver Spring that had toys, etc.  They both said "Winkies" at the same time.  What a small world. 

Bill, I remember we went to Saint Monica's together and I do remember walking to school together.   We used to call Saul Bear "Pappa Bear"  when he was at Schwartzman's.   That's what my dad always said.  And you are right Dave, some people have great memories...not me, I had to rely on my "baby" brother for the info.

Take care everyone.

03/25/15 09:22 AM #42    


Marilyn Dann (Steinback)

The Richards School people had a very long walk home from WFBHS. We would stop at the WFB Pharmacy and have a cherry coke or chocolate coke. Actually, I'd love to know how far it is from the high school to Richards School. Barbara Whaley and I had to walk the furthest to get home from WFBHS. Marilyn Dann Steinback

03/25/15 11:58 AM #43    


David Stearns

Hi Bill Fink, I remember you moving onto the 5900 block of Santa Monica.  I think it must have been shortly after we moved there from Kent Ave.  I'm guessing we moved to 5943 Santa Monica about 1954-55.  When I was 13 years old I bought a 1929 Model A Ford from Richard Kohloff's older brother for $50.  I spent 3 years fixing it up before I could drive.  There was a Shell gas station on that NE corner of the 5900 block and they used to let me use a lot of their tools, sand blaster machine, lift and I often parked the Model A there because we didn't have a garage.  I later sold it to a kid (can't remember his name now) who lived pretty close to Steve Johns on North Lake Drive.  The kid and his dad were killed in a plane crash and I bought the Model A back from his mother.  I drove it in one our homecoming parades if anyone recalls. 

I guess the distance from WFB to Richards Grade School was about a mile plus a little.  We walked home often from high school and in the snow too.

Thanks for everyone clearing up all the stores on Henry Clay.  I didn't grow up in that neighborhood but we moved to 1142 Sylvan Ave just opposite Henry Clay grade school in 1961 so my walk to school after that was only a couple of blocks. I certainly remember Fitzgerald's Pharmacy on the corner of Silver Spring and Lake Drive.  We used to stop at the library on Marlborough on the way home. It must have been for a drink of water since I doubt if would have been to study.

03/25/15 12:21 PM #44    

Jane Grossman (Chernof)

Jane Grossman Chernof

Really enjoy reading the posts and reliving the memories. It's fascinating to hear what remains in our long term memories. Keep up the dialogue! How about the outside lunch breaks on the corner of Fairmount and Marlborough? Or the Friday night sock hop dances in the Rec Center?



03/25/15 02:22 PM #45    


Ron Kolb

There are about 20 pages of advertisements in the back of the 1962 yearbook.  There are lots of interesting ads, many with pictures.  A few of my favorites are Fox Bay Theatre, Pappy’s restaurant and Colony Shops.  There are lots of ads for TVs, appliances, clothes, and banks.

There are two ads for pharmacies.  One is from Whitefish Bay Pharmacy (N. Lake Drive at E. Silver Spring).  The second is Bear’s Reliable Pharmacy (N. Santa Monica).  There is no ad for Schwartzmans.

Several of our classmates served as models in the ads. The ads are fun to review and they bring up a lot of great memories.

03/25/15 04:28 PM #46    


Lorna Wagner (Strotz)

I remember getting "spudnuts" for ... morning sock hops?  Or what else in the morning??  Anyone remember?

09/26/15 11:51 PM #47    

JoEllyn "Jo" Reitman (Wolf)

Just found this forum.  Lorna, spudnuts were great donuts made from potato flour...hence the name...they had a store on either Third Street or Green Bay Avenue.  I remember going there after a dance at the War Memorial and looking out of place in cocktail dress and orchid corsage.  Remember Schwartzmans, Fitzgeralds and their green and white Nash Metropolitan delivery car.  I worked at the Colony Shop when I was a college freshman, mainly because I had "gone steady" with the owner's nephew and his parents gave me a good reference.  Iodine pills, too.  But I confess I actually studied at the library...

02/22/16 07:26 AM #48    


Barry Leon (Leon)

Nice of y'all to hold the post-reunion reunion on my 72nd birthday. I assume that it is not a coincidence. Claudia and I will not be able to attend, but we will toast you on that day.

02/23/16 11:06 AM #49    

Jeff Abraham

Janet and I will not be able to attend. We will toast all that day as well. Best to everyone.

02/24/16 05:03 PM #50    

Bruce Bendinger

Jeff - we were counting on you to lead the Motorcycle parade.

02/24/16 05:45 PM #51    

Kathleen Madland (Trakofler)

Sounds like a nice idea and kind of the Smarts to host,  My husband, Carl and I are planning to attend the University of Wisconsin 50th reunion in Madison this fall and visit some friends and family , We are at our lake house most of the summer and one trip from Pennsylvania to the midwest will be appropriate as we also have a wedding in Boston, Enjoy. Kathy Madland Trakofler

02/25/16 06:59 PM #52    

Carol Cummings (Taylor)






















I'm sorry to miss the reunion. We will be in the States in June and in Europe in July. Last year I met up with Johan Tausjo at his home in Oslo, Norway and caught up on the past 50 years. I'm loving my life in Canberra, Australia.

Carol Taylor (Cumings)






























03/03/16 09:48 PM #53    


Wayne Schroeder

We didn't make the 50th reunion, but plan on going to the 54th. Thanks to those who decided to do it!

Wayne Schroeder

03/04/16 04:53 PM #54    


Eddy Fyffe

Dear Wayne, Dear Brad, Dear Others,

Almost by nothing more than rough chance, I have inklings we may have a reunion later this year. (Wayne is planning to appear, so this seems real to me.) As one who completely missed the last -- in every regard, I appear to be better positioned at this time. It remains to be seen, of course, but getting there is a very desirable goal and something to work for. 

So far I understand this would be at Brad's home? And exactly when, please? 


Thank you so much. I want to be there. 


All the best to you and all of you and all of our Great Class of '62. 



03/09/16 01:24 PM #55    

Jeff Abraham

Eddy, good to hear from you. If you get to Milwaukee this summer please look me up. I would love to get together and catch up. It has been way to long!

03/09/16 04:00 PM #56    


Eddy Fyffe

Hey Abes! Apparetnly I need to be somewhere near the WI-IL border about mid July, so Waukesha is in the same hemishere. But if you are not attending the reunion at that time, where would you be?

Glad to hear from you.


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